Friday, September 17, 2010

I Fall to Pieces

My tooth broke. While I was eating salad, Just popped in two, The dentist said that it didn’t break down to the nerve, so I probably won’t need a root canal, but I will need a crown.

Then my whole entire diabetes control system went to hell. Evidently, there are some nice new insulins out there that do not cause peaks and valleys. According to my nurse practitioner, I am ignorant and living in the Stone Age because “nobody uses NPH anymore.” Duh. Why do people keep prescribing it and selling it to me?

That is the problem with being a state insured patient-- I was on indigent care for two years and on the state program for patients with pre-existing conditions for another two. Obviously, my pathetic insurance situation did not warrant good medical care. With these clinics, it’s all about the numbers-- get ‘em in, count ‘em and get ‘em out. We have to be counted so they can get their grants.

I then asked said nurse practitioner to take a look at a boil which had been treated two weeks ago, but was not healing. She gave me a five minute lecture about priorities-- how she could only give me 20 minutes of her time and did I want to get my diabetes under control or waste her time looking at something she couldn’t even treat?

Don’t worry. I am firing her skinny little ass as soon as I get my diabetes under control.

I practically had to beg her to check it. She was dismissive, but sent me to a surgeon for a consultation.

Like I said... I will be firing her.

My 3 p.m. consultation turned into a 22-hour ordeal.

I was promptly snatched up and hauled to the operating room, where I was hooked up to numerous machines, knocked out and opened up. I spent the night being poked and prodded and measured and medicated.

My husband went pale. I could see that he was really scared.

I don’t know if I was scared. I was still royally ticked off at the attitude of the nurse practitioner. Does anyone ever get to see a real doctor anymore?

Anyway, I am home now. The surgeon checked me this morning and said I am doing well. Antibiotics. Lots of water. Keep the blood sugar under control-- I will do my best in my Stone Age way.

The tooth will have to wait three weeks, said the surgeon. Gotta love a man who won’t allow the dentist near me.

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